Our humble white wins Gold!

Our humble white wins Gold!
Dear Wine Friend,

In the 1990’s wine lists in Australian restaurants and bars were dominated by big buttery and oaky chardonnays. The new millennium saw the New Zealand revolution; wine drinkers moved away from  the big chardonnay styles and started to embrace the tropical and zingy sauvignon blanc from Cloudy Bay. NZ sauvignon blanc became quickly the new Aussie love child taking over the wine fridges in bottle shops and at home.

Australian wine growers followed the trend, planting thousands of hectares of sauvignon blanc in any wine region across the large continent. Of course, the Yea Valley growers didn’t want to miss out, but wisely kept plantings to a reasonable size. Tastes change faster than vines can grow!

Sauvignon blanc is like a chameleon adapting to its terroir. Best examples are grown in cool climate wine regions; our classic Yea Valley savvy is zingy with mineral aromas and flavours of kiwi fruit (the NZ touch😉) and grapefruit. Passionfruit is absent in our sauvignon blanc

The fruit is usually picked at 12 Baumé (sugar level when fruit is on the vine) around now…..but not this vintage. The cold and wet spring has pushed harvest time into March. We are expecting a small crop from our friends at Penbro Estate.

Some fun facts about our sauvignon blanc – most of our annual wine production doesn’t leave the Murrindindi region!! Despite fierce competition from pinot gris and rosé, our savvy has kept its No 1 status in local outlets.

Cheers to our humble white and its Gold Award 🥳

Paul & Sonja

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