A Rare Pair

A Rare Pair
Dear Wine Friend,

Every year we submit 2 – 3 new release wines to the international London Wine Competition.  Thanks to the mercy of the English (wine-drinking) custom officers, several Sedona Estate wines escaped the high VAT tax in recent years. The select few that make it to the international Wine Competition, are judged for quality, value and good looks.

You may have heard of the terms old-world wines and new-world wines. It’s a simple geographical grouping of wines. Old-world wines come from traditional European wine countries like France, Spain, Italy, Germany and so on.  Every other country in the world is classed as new-world wines including of course, Australia.

At the international London Wine Competition, wines are not judged by country; they are judged by variety. Hence, an Australian shiraz is compared to a French syrah. This made last year’s top international Gold Award for our 2020 Sangiovese very special.

At the 2023 London Wine Competition, a rare pair of Sedona Estate wines was awarded Silver. Our 2021 Shiraz Reserve delivered a ‘double hat-trick’ for the same wine style in the same wine show.

The rare white wine-style Fumé Blanc received its first international Silver Award. The stock of this surprisingly popular white in our range limits your purchase to 1 bottle per order.

Cheers, Sonja

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