Bountiful spring

Bountiful spring
Spring Wine Releases

Last night we enjoyed the perks of being vignerons sampling the first new reds. The spicy pasta bake begged for an Italian sangiovese with its abundance of savoury flavours and acid to match the chilli in the Bolognese-style sauce.

The best sign of a good wine is the graving for more after savouring the last sip or bickering over the last drop 😄!! In two weeks time you can be the judge of the 17th release of our popular Italian red.

The second tasting round was for quality assurance prior bottling tomorrow. It’s a well-known French variety but often treated like the poor cousin in the Australian wine landscape. Like any variety, it needs the right terroir to blossom. After 4 long years our merlot patch has again delivered a Sedona Reserve quality wine. Although still in barrel, it is already the winemaker’s favourite!

Tomorrow’s bottling day will finish with the second release of our newest red – the 2021 carménère. This limited release will only be available at the cellar door.

New Sedona Reds
2021 SANGIOVESE – our Italian star is back! Made from hand-picked fruit from the old sangiovese block and the new hillside vineyard. Release date 1st October.


2021 CARMÉNÈRE  – the second release of this ancient European variety that was believed to be lost for over 100 years, but re-discovered in Chile in the 1990’s. Release date 26th November.

2021 RESERVE MERLOT – long-awaited reserve merlot, to be released on the 26th November.


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