20 years in the making

20 years in the making
Dear Wine Friend,

Twentytwentythree marks 20 years of the Sedona Estate wine label. It is hard to believe that the first reds bottled and sold with the Sedona Estate brand date back to 2003. Of course, Sedona Estate was not a brand yet; the vineyard’s location tucked away in the rolling hills of Murrindindi was unknown to most. And anyway, where on earth is Murrindindi??

As a young couple with a big dream, we chose the land for its viticultural assets; the tranquillity and stunning views were a bonus. Our vision was focussed on the product, its quality and varietal expression. A winery and cellar door was well beyond our vision for Sedona Estate. Naturally nothing went to plan!!!

In 2010, we moved our entire winery equipment plus 300 (!) full oak barrels from the Yarra Valley over the Great Divide to Sedona Estate. Not an easy task but the greatest challenge was yet to come.

Being labelled a hidden gem is flattering – great for adventurous tourists but many prefer certainty over adventure. Getting wine lovers to turn off the Melba Highway driving into the unknown territory of Murrindindi was daunting.  With the help of 6 winery signs and good local distribution the first visitors found our tucked-away winery.

Wine-loving locals have been the greatest ambassadors for Sedona Estate’s wines  and many have seen the transformation of a little known winery to a local household name. Then came the visiting friends and family followed by visitors looking for an authentic winery experience away from busy tourist destinations.

With your support and loyalty to Sedona Estate, our wines’ recognition has grown well beyond the shire’s boundaries. Thank you for being part of this amazing journey!!

There is much to look forward to in 2023. On your next visit to our cellar door check out our little house, which is undergoing major renovations to become the Sedona Guest House. We can’t give you an exact completion date (as nothing ever goes to plan!) but we can promise the best views of the whole valley to our future guests.

Cheers, Paul & Sonja

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