Sedona Estate

Accessible Tourism

Parking & Drop-off

  • The accessible car park is located on a level concrete surface in front of the winery. Signage is visible when approaching the cellar door.
  • The car park offers access to the main entrance via a paved ramp and terrace.
  • A dedicated flat drop-off zone with a compacted gravel surface is located adjacent to the cellar door entrance.
  • The drop-off zone can also be used as a second accessible car park.
  • Please call us on 0432 435 180 if you have any questions.


  • The main entrance has 2 openable doors offering an entrance space of 1.6m.
  • The doors are openable with long bar handles.
  • The right door is usually open.
  • The left door can be opened by a staff member, if required.

Cellar Door

  • The inside of the cellar door has an unobstructed centre allowing access to all tables.
  • The glass tables have standard height and offer ample clearance for wheelchairs or other mobility aids.
  • The indoor tasting bench is high and not easily accessible for visitors in wheelchairs.
  • Our friendly staff is happy to service seated visitors.
  • Alternatively, we offer self-guided seated wine tasting experiences of current wines. It costs $15 per person and is refundable upon wine purchase.
  • Indoor and outdoor chairs have backrests.
  • Chairs with high backrests or armrests are available, if required. Please ask our friendly staff for assistance.


  • The outdoor terrace is spacious for guests requiring walking assistance or are visually impaired.
  • In summer, the terrace is sheltered by 3 large commercial umbrellas. They are securely bolted in the concrete slab.
  • The umbrella stands are easily bypassed.
  • The outdoor tables are of standard height and offer ample clearance for wheelchairs and other mobility aids.
  • The grass near the cellar door is an easy accessible relief spot for service animals.


  • The accessible toilet with right-handed rail is in the adjacent winery building.
  • The winery building can be accessed via the paved terrace and ramp.
  • The side door to the winery hallway is open during cellar door hours.
  • The unisex accessible toilet is located on the right when entering the hallway.
  • Great care has been taken when designing the accessible toilet with modern, elegant features.