Reserved Wines

Reserved Wines

One is an Aussie favourite, the other is underrated. Both are of French origin. Despite their French heritage,  both mature well in American oak.

2016 Shiraz Reserve
New Release

Shiraz leads the Australian red wine market in many ways. It is the No 1 red variety planted across the red continent ranging in style from rich, powerful wines with higher alcohol levels to elegant textured reds with peppery flavours from the cooler wine growing regions.

Our 2016 belongs to the cool ones; it is still the new kid on the block, but  is spoiled with the charm of its predecessors. It will travel to London in 2020 to compete with many old and new world wines. Watch this space!

2017 Merlot Reserve

It was a favourite in the US until the American movie ‘Sideways’  turned Merlot into the pour cousin. It is often the forgotten single variety wine in Australia. But some do it well….the famous French Chateau Petrus is made from 100% Merlot. It is an auction favourite and averages $2630 per bottle equating to 65.75 bottles of our 2017 Merlot Reserve.

Our Merlot, although not in the league of a Petrus, has achieved many accolades. And the 2017 may just be another star; it will compete with the big (Shiraz) boys for Wine of the Year in the annual Winestate Taste-off.

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