The accidental white

The accidental white

Twentytwenty was one of those years that many of us like to forget. After entering the surreal world of the first lockdown in March 2020, we were wondering, if and how to harvest this vintage.

Something unusual happened in these early days of the pandemic. Instead of wasting time on debating and deferring the decision-making, the state government moved at the speed of light and announced the exemption of any agricultural business from the lockdown!

First we had this immense feeling of relief and then came the inevitable question ‘how are we going to harvest without staff?’

But, Mother Nature had plans for us. The crops in the merlot and cabernet sauvignon vineyards were tiny and not even worth the effort. The pick of the sangiovese fruit from the old block and new hillside vineyard was a walk in the park. The only real challenge was the shiraz pick. With skeleton staff and all hands-on, we tipped the last bucket past sunset.  

Despite the dramas of this challenging year, vintage 2020 delivered unexpected surprises. One of those I will introduce now – our first release of Fumé Blanc. I won’t pretend this wine style was planned, but it certainly turned out to be an accidental winner. Its popularity at the cellar door has depleted most of the stock.

Why accidental? Keep on reading….

2020 Fumé Blanc

The low sauvignon crop from 2020 left Paul with a dilemma. Our tanks were too big to make a classic aromatic white. Instead of wasting the good fruit, Paul’s idea was to create a Fumé Blanc. 

First pioneered by Robert Mondavi in 1968, Fumé Blanc is the creation of barrel fermentation and regular lees stirring. 

The finished wine has no resemblance to a typical aromatic sauvignon. Our Fumé Blanc is elegant with a creamy and silky texture and soft underlying toasty flavours balanced with good acid.

Serve slightly chilled. Pairs well with grilled fish (ocean trout, snapper), arancini, garlic prawns, creamy curries.

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